WebP and GIF are two famous image formats used on the web. Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article, we will be discussing more WebP and GIF and you will also learn how to convert WebP to GIF!

WebP to Gif

What is WebP?

WebP is a final product of Google Inc which was released in 2010. So, compared to GIF and other image formats, it is quite a new image format to the web.

WebP image format consists of both lossy and lossless compression to give you a better image with a smaller size while maintaining the quality of the image. Normally WebP is considered. 

Especially, even though many image formats have lossy compression, they do not have lossless compression. Therefore, even the image gets smaller in size, the quality will also be affected. Since WebP uses both lossy and lossless compressions, that will help to give you a more standardized output.

WebP is also considered as an ideal image format for animations.

What is a GIF?

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is an image format that became quite popular with the growth of the internet and e-net using customers.GIF was created by Compuserve which was a very successful online service at that time.

GIF includes many features that can support you to create an animation starting from the primitive form of animations.

Why WebP to GIF?

Earlier we mentioned that WebP can be used as an ideal image format for animations. Yet, you know that WebP was introduced very recently and therefore many web browsers are not supportive of WebP. So, even WebP can create good animations, it will in no use since you cannot use them in many of the web browsers. So, instead of WebP, you can use the GIF image format for your animations.

Apart from that, GIF images have advanced transparency which can give your images smoother edges. That is also another reason why people convert WebP images to GIF.

GIF also has another outstanding feature called Interlacing. Interlacing is an advanced mechanism that will help images to appear faster on your device screens.

At the same time, GIF has a resolution between 72 to 90 dpi which would be ideal for animations on screen.

How to convert WebP to GIF?

When it comes to image conversions, there are many opportunities available both online and offline. So, converting a WebP image to GIF will also not be a difficult task!

Here are a few such famous and reliable converters that you can use to convert WebP to GIF,

  1. Zamzar – Zamzar is a free online image converting tool that can be used to convert WebP images to GIF. You can directly upload WebP images into Zamzar and convert images into GIFs.You can also download the converted GIF image into your device directly.
  2. Convertio – This is also another famous online image converting tool. The mechanism in Convertio is similar to Zamzar.
  3. Adobe Photoshop – This is a famous offline image editing app that is used by many web and digital workers. This can be also used to convert images to GIF but you have to get the necessary plugins for that. Since most of the web developers are working with Adobe Photoshop, rather than using online tools, this method would be more convenient for them to convert their images to GIF.

This is all you need to know about WebP to GIF!

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