You may not be very much familiar with the image format called WebP. There are many common image formats used in our daily computer uses such as JPG, PNG, Bitmap and the latest format known as GIF. But, as we all know all these images get bigger and bigger with the quality of the image. When it comes to the desktop applications or mobile applications, this is not a big issue.


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But in web applications, web browsers, different websites the size of the image can be a very direct issue.

  • Time is taken to load the images

If you can remember the earlier times of web browsing, it took several minutes for certain images to be loaded, even after the rest of the web page is fully loaded. This is because developers tried to use good quality images with larger sizes which took much time to be completed loaded from the servers. But with the use of WebP, the size of god quality images could be reduced so that eventually the loading time of the images also got reduced.

  • The attractiveness of the websites and web pages

When the images with smaller sizes are used to reduce the loading time, the quality of the web pages was affected. Most of the developers use bitmap images with smaller sizes in web pages. But then the users are not attracted to the websites. But by using WebP format when uploading the images to a web page, the quality can be retained in images so that users will be more interested in using the web page.

So, what is WebP format?

WebP is a new image format introduced by a team of Google Developers with the intention of reducing the size of the images uploaded to the web pages while retaining their quality. This is done by compression algorithms known as Lossy and Lossless compressions. These are fully reversible compressions of the image formats such as JPG and PNG. By compression, they are converted to WebP images. A new WebP image format is converting one GIF to a series of WebP images.

WebP is only supported by a few web browsers and related web applications. Out of all the web browsers, only Google Chrome and Opera Web Browser supports the WebP format of images. There are almost none of the Desktop apps which can open or edit WebP image format. Therefore, we require WebP converters for conversion of them.

WebP Converters

These are the tools that are used to convert images back and forth from WebP format. When we download a web image, it is not openable by the Windows Photo Viewer. Therefore, it is required to be converted back to its original format, either JPG, PNG or GIF etc. For this purpose, WebP converters are available. These converters can often convert many image formats to WebP as well in case you want to upload an image to a Web Page.

There are downloadable tools provided by Google to convert to WebP as well as Online WebP converters to convert them.

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