Jailbreaking and installing Cydia is the best decision you make for the betterment of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But once you’ve jailbroken and installed Cydia, there are thousands of useful apps and tweaks available at Cydia store waiting for you to download them on your iDevice. What will you pick first among thousands of them? No idea right? Well, that’s why we are here for you. From this article we’re going to guide you to the best and most wanted top 10 Cydia apps and tweaks, so you can try these first.



CCSettings Free

Are you satisfied with the toggles you’re given to your device’s Control Center? Sometimes there are a few toggles that you might not completely useful for you. For that kind of situations, CCSettings is the best tweak for you as it enables the possibility to configure control center options from settings like adding more useful toggles such as Cellular data, Hotspot, VPN to the control center or you can remove the ones you don’t use.



There is private stuff on your devices such as photos, messages, and social media accounts. Whenever your device falls into your friends’ hands sometimes you’ve experienced the situations your friends post irritating posts by navigating your social media accounts via your device. But now with AppLocker, you don’t need to worry about your private data. You can set high-level passcodes for each of your private apps once you download the AppLocker.



Again for the betterment of your private data you can download BioLockdown and incline to advanced security by setting Touch ID feature for your apps. It also allows you to secure the access to the toggles and settings panes in the Stick settings app.



A lock screen full of disordered notifications is not a good thing to see when you wake up in the morning. Unify is a special tweak that arranges the notifications according to the app. So all your notifications are coming from a sorted list. Therefore, you can easily navigate the important notifications.



Are you the only one who uses your phone? No, sometimes your friends and family members use it too. So when they’re using your device while you’re not looking, or when curious about what is the last time your device been unlocked, you can download LastTimeUnlocked tweak as it will give all your answers as this tweak lets you know the time which your device was last unlocked.



The notifications come to your device is not formed in an eye-catching way. ColorBanner2 is a tweak that allows you colorize the notification banners you receive and it will be based on the most suitable color of the app icon where the notification comes from. So it will be easy for you to decide which notifications to be prioritized.



Most of the complaints coming from the iOS usage problems are included about the huge battery draining problem. Giving you the best answer for that, Zeal has been introduced for you as a battery management system for your jailbroken device. You can invoke the Low Power Mode, lower brightness to the screen, and access the toggles via an activator-invoked interface.



Have you ever experienced that awkward moment that you sent a message to the wrong person? Oops, it’s even hard to recollect. The MessageFilter tweak is designed to make a blacklist and whitelist for the particular words and it filters them on contact basis. This tweak effectively will prevent you from sending the love messages to your mum which needs to send to your boyfriend/girlfriend. 😃


Display Recorder

Whenever you want to record the activities on your screen you can download this Display Recorder tweak as it is one of the best screen recording apps available in the Cydia store. It can record your device’s screen even in high resolution, frame-rates, different rotations, video formats.



If you’re getting phone calls and messages from the ones you need to ignore, you can download iBlacklist and block the unnecessary contacts even in a forgiven way rather than disconnecting the line or not be answering. So with iBlacklist with your iDevice, you don’t need to worry about getting calls and missed calls from the ones like your ex or someone. 😉 This even has a whitelist in case if you want some specific people to be in touch.

Top 10 Cydia Apps For Jailbroken iDevices
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