iPhone X is the evolutionary invention of the year 2017 among all the technology devices. This is the most awaited Apple invention, the whole screen device. iPhone X is bundled with so many amazing features with it and its design makes it more glamorous. But the notch on the top of the iPhone X makes it look a bit goofy. So for those who are not likely to have that goofy look on your iPhone X you can get iPhone X wallpapers as your answer.

iPhone X doesn’t come with pre-installed wallpapers on the device. You must download them from the outside. And when talking about the notch problem, iPhone X can disappear that notch if you use iPhone X wallpapers which has a black area at the top. OLED screen of iPhone X highlights the black portions of your screen and that’s the reason why need iPhone X wallpapers with black colored tops. Once you set the blacktopped wallpaper on your iPhone X, the glitch will be disappeared from your screen. Usually, a wallpaper with pixel-perfect alignment is needed to trigger the glitch but, we’re going to show you three easy ways to reach this effect.

How to use iPhone X Wallpapers to cover up the Notch

You have to download a particular type of wallpaper which can make the notch nearly invisible. To do that, there are three different ways and each one has its own pros and cons. You can use one of Use Notcho, download a Notch-Less Wallpaper, or make your own Notch-less wallpaper with photoshop. Let’s dig into the explanation.

  • Notcho is an app bundled with notch-free iPhone X wallpapers. But you have to drop $1.99 for an in-app purchase otherwise, the wallpapers will have watermarks. Here you can use your own images and create notch-less wallpapers without using Photoshop. Open the app and choose a wallpaper of your choice. It will be pre-loaded with 11 images and you can choose one by swiping left or right. Or else you can tap to Import a custom image from your photos library. Tap Save to save your selected image and then it will add a copy of the notch-less image version to your iPhone X photos library.
  • If you’re not very likely to have those stock wallpapers comes with your iPhone X or not willing to pay to remove Notcho’s watermark, there are iPhone X wallpapers available on several websites. Just google the iPhone X wallpapers and you’ll get what you want.
  • You can make your own notch-less wallpaper by accessing to Photoshop. Place a selected image into a blackout frame that can hide the notch.

No matter about the way you downloaded the wallpaper, the next step is same for all of them. Open your Photos app and select the notch-less image you downloaded then tap the share sheet icon and select “Use as Wallpaper’. To get rid of the effect being misaligned, select ‘Still’ instead of ‘Perspective’ on the wallpaper picker screen. Then you can Set the wallpaper for where you want; Lock Screen, Home Screen or for both.