The snooping matter around the Apple users nowadays is the latest iPhone X which was released as a souvenir to the Apple’s 10th anniversary. This smart iPhone X is bundled with so many amazing features which are the TrueDepth camera, OLED design, whole screen, smart face ID, etc. While enjoying all these features, have you ever thought how cool an iPhone X can be with iPhone X jailbreak? Awesome right? Let’s dig into the latest news in the jailbreak world about iPhone X jailbreak.

What is iPhone X Jailbreak?

iPhone X jailbreak is getting superuser access to your iPhone X system files and gaining the ability to perform higher modifications with the system files. As jailbreaking throws away all the restrictions that Apple has imposed to the iDevices you’re finally, free to use your iPhone X as you want. A jailbroken iPhone X can install special third-party applications which can give you extra features and functionality to your iPhone X. Like all the other iDevices, iPhone X also has rubbish apps which are not useful at all and need to be deleted. iPhone X jailbreak also has the answer for that so you can delete all your unwanted apps once you jailbreak your iPhone X.

Cydia is a must to talk when talking about jailbreaking because Cydia is the sole reason to jailbreak an iDevice. Like all the other jailbreak versions, Cydia has now updated their store with more beneficial apps, tweaks, extensions, and themes to give you the extra functionality to your iPhone X. once you proceed iPhone X jailbreak, loads of special apps and tweaks are waiting to enhance your device performance.

Supported iOS versions of iPhone X Jailbreak

iPhone X came up with iOS 11.1 and it is compatible with all the iOS 11 versions. So if you’re an owner of any iOS 11 version you’re allowed to iPhone X jailbreak. For the record, here is the list of compatible iOS versions to iPhone X jailbreak.

  • iOS 11
  • iOS 11.0.1
  • iOS 11.0.2
  • iOS 11.0.3
  • iOS 11.1
  • iOS 11.1.1
  • iOS 11.1.2
  • iOS 11.2
  • iOS 11.2.1
  • Upcoming iOS 11.3

iPhone X Jailbreak Possibilities

Good news for all the iPhone X users, iPhone X jailbreak is now possible. The Keen labs have successfully jailbroken iOS 11.1.1 on iPhone X as the first iPhone X jailbreak. Liang Chen in Keen Lab successfully demonstrated iPhone X jailbreak on iOS 11.1.1 at POC2017 International Security and Hacking Conference which was held on 9th and 10th November 2017 at Seoul, Korea.  As the evolution of jailbreak is happening so fast there are few more iOS 11 versions which have been demonstrated their jailbreak versions. I.e. jailbreak iOS 11.2.1 by both Alibaba and Panga teams, jailbreak iOS 11 by Keen Labs. As all these demonstrated iOS versions are compatible with iPhone X, we can hope more ways to iPhone X jailbreak will come out soon.

For those who are interested in jailbreaking iOS 11.1.1 on iPhone X, make sure you gather these requirements before jailbreaking it.

  • This jailbreak tool released by Keen labs is only compatible with iOS 11.1.1, so if you haven’t updated to iOS 11.1.1 yet, update your device by navigating the settings of your iPhone X.
  • Download the relevant Cydia Impactor to your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Your Touch ID and regular password must disable until you complete Keen iPhone X jailbreak process.
  • You better turn off your find my iPhone feature and turn it on after completing the jailbreak process.