Jailbreak iOS 11.1

Now after some days since the 1st release of iOS 11 Apple has released its 1st bug fix version naming iOS 11.1 download for iPhone. Now jailbreaking fans are eagerly waiting for the Jailbreak iOS 11.1. But jailbreak for iOS 11.1 is not confirmed yet not even the jailbreak for iOS 11. The developing teams like Pangu, i0n1c, Luca, Phoenix, and TaiG are working on the process at the moment. The latest publicly available jailbreak is iOS 10.2 and jailbreak iOS 11 along with the jailbreak iOS 11.1 will soon be released in the near future.


iOS technology is the most standard technology in the mobile world. As iPhone lovers, we dive deeply to seek more technology. And as a result of that, the evolution of jailbreaking has come so far. As I list down the latest version of jailbreaking here are the latest three versions.

  • Mach_portal + yalu
  • Yalu102
  • Phoenix

As the new iOS 11.1 is released, now the iOS 11 will be jailbroken just in few days. As technology spreads so fast jailbreak iOS 11.1 will also be released soon. Some of the bugs reported in iOS 11 have been disabled with iOS 11.1 but not yet confirmed what are the bugs fixed with iOS 11.1.

Why Jailbreak iOS 11?

Though iOS 11 has been fixed some bugs and updated to iOS 11.1, it needs to be jailbroken anyway. Because still, you can access beyond the jails applied by the manufacturer. Here are some reasons for you to jailbreak iOS 11.1:

  • Still no progress in Bluetooth and Wifi issues. (Still not turning off the radios from Control Center)
  • Because the Files app is not powerful as iFile, as iFile can access to the system files.
  • When your iPhone moves to wrong hands, your private data can be accessed by them. Considering that jailbreaking with Cydia has amazing apps to lock the apps and folders with Touch ID or passcode and prevent others from accessing them.
  • On iOS 11.1 also you can’t set your favorite third-party apps as default apps. Thanks to jailbreaking you can set your default apps as you wish.
  • Jailbroken iOS 11.1 allows you to change the system font, font in apps, lock screen and lot more.
  • You can customize your iOS as you like by installing different themes.
  • You can enhance the apps by adding new functionality to third-party apps and get rid of the restrictions applied.
  • Jailbroken iDevice can have the benefit of adding the awesome Activator app. Activator lets you informed by a message when certain event selected by you, occurs.
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Jailbreak iOS 11.1
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Jailbreak iOS 11.1

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