Jailbreak is an impressive thing which you can get away from the company restrictions to the device usage and take the full control of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Today, almost all the Apple users incline to jailbreak their devices even when they bought a new device. That’s because they know the best outcomes of jailbreaking an iDevice. But if you’re new to the jailbreak world and searching for the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can learn all about Jailbreak Benefits by continuously reading this article.

Customize The iOS Look

Although there are not many differences between iOS and Android, customization is a big deal. Here in iOS, there is a number of themes you can install on your jailbroken device and customize the iOS look. You can transform your iDevice’s look into an Android look or into a Mac look by using Winterboard. The app icons that annoy you by its look can be changed to newly designed icons.

Get Away From Annoying Restrictions

When you buy a brand new Apple device it comes with several restrictions on the usage. There are some things you want to change but, you can’t because of the company restrictions which is allowed on Android devices. So what now? Is Android better than iOS? Never, that’s what jailbreak is for. Jailbreaking throws away all the restrictions imposed by the company and gives you the full control over your device. So now, if you don’t want Messages app for messaging, you don’t have to. If you’d like to sync with iTunes over the web, you can do it too.

Add Extra Features

Cydia has loads of special apps and tweaks such as Activator, BioProtect, iBlacklist, CCTButtonActions, iFile, etc. which adds extra features to your iOS device. More security adding apps, battery managing apps, performance customizing apps, and different types of useful apps are available for jailbroken devices to add extra features to the device. If you want to set a PIN or fingerprint as the app protector, a jailbreak can help you, if you want to download Instagram images straightly to your device, the jailbreak is there for you. Anything you want to do with your device, a jailbreak is the answer.

Get More Games On Your iDevice

Jailbroken devices can have emulator apps for gaming which turn your device into a PlayStaion or a Nintendo 64. As emulator apps have been banned from the Apple app store for a time, this will be the heaven for all the game addictors. If you’re planning to jailbreak and get emulator apps, you should be aware that you’re going to break the copyright laws in your country as emulator ROM distribution lies in a gray legal area.

Remove Pre-installed Crapware

Your iOS device comes with many apps installed on your device, some are useful but others are not even close to getting a benefit. These unwanted crapware drains the battery and wasting the storage space on your device but, you can’t remove them from a jailed device. A jailbreak is the sole answer for that as removing unwanted crapware is a jailbreak-only task. So no need of being worried about battery drains and space wasting.

Truly Own Your Device

We all have dreamt of having a phone which can perform whatever we ask and jailbreak an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch allows you to do so. A jailbroken device can do whatever you ask it to do. Added extra functionality with special apps and tweaks, enhanced battery life, removal of bloatware, enhanced performance, with all these you can finally own your device. Usually, manufacturers don’t like that way and that’s why they impose restrictions on the phones, but with a jailbroken device, the manufacturer has nothing to do and it’s all about your commands.