iPhone X introduced to the market end of 2017.it is very famous and highly advanced smartphone with iOS latest version in a world.iOS 11 with iPhone X is very smart, powerful and user-friendly device in ever.it’s included the latest techniques with more features.and some advanced techniques make the iPhone X system full complicate.the iOS 11 should comply with all of the hardware components of the iPhone X.so when the user manages their iPhone x with Windows or Mac computer, it may take a little bit hard.To avoid this type of problems, you can use iTools for iPhone X to manage iPhones through Windows or Mac.



iTools is the best option for the iPhone X.iTools makes the iPhone X managing is very easy and user-friendly more than other iTunes options. and iTools create with high and iTools create with high technologies which are passed to manage the iOS control system with Macintosh PC or Windows PCs.


iTools For iPhone X features

iTools is the one of faster and very simple iOS management software today.and we don’t want to talk about iTools or iPhone x again again.but we need to show some special things about iTools for iPhone x,those are text managing, document managing, copy, edit, delete, move files, import, export, media managing, audio and video managing image managing, podcast, file formats, PDF file Managing and etc.iTools for iPhone x have more interesting features

1.Image management tool
2.Backup and restore tool
3.Icons arranger tool
4.Battery master tool
5.Ringtones maker tool

These all features designed to support the iTools for iPhone X versions.because those all feature manage the iPhone X may be easier than iTunes.if you can download the iOS or iPhone X from this official iTools Download Website and iTools For iPhone X apps is the free downloading tool it is easy to use with simple steps.

iTools For iPhone X
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