iTools Software For Windows 2018

iTools is the software application developed by the Thinksky Technology as a device management application which is as versatile as the iTunes and as simple as the Windows Task manager. You may think that iTunes in your iOS device is sufficient to support all your needs. But haven’t you had difficulties in handling all the complexities of iTunes? iTunes may sometimes even be costlier than you are willing to afford. So we are giving you this great alternative called the iTools. the iTools latest version is the iTools 4 and its latest issue was iTools which was released in March 2018.iTools download windows, provides you the ability to connect your Windows computer to the iOS device you are using and then you can do some very interesting things related to the media files and applications in your iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch devices.

Special Features of iTools download windows

  • You can easily transfer your media files from your phone to your windows PC and from the Windows PC into the iPhone.
  • You can arrange the icons of your iPhone in very attractive ways using your Windows PC.
  • If you use a Mac PC as well, then you can easily transfer your details to your Mac PC as well, because the iTools has a separate version that works fine with Mac computers as well.
  • There is a Ringtone Maker associated with your iTools. When you want to make a ringtone out of your favorite songs, you can use your Windows PC for that. You can customize any song to fit your needs.
  • There is a Battery Master which may help you to manage and control the use of Battery life by your iPhone or iPad.
  • There are the backup and the restoring facility of your media files such as Songs, Videos, Podcasts, Images etc. into your Windows PC.
  • An additional software called iTools AirPlayer is also affiliated with the iTools for Windows software. It’s a unique media handler which provides the Apple Device users with very special features.
  • Screen Mirroring.
  • Game Screen Sharing.
  • Project your iPhone Screen to a larger display.
  • Playing your media files of all types.
  • The real-time desktop interface provided by the iTools software.
  • Facilities for the crash logs.
  • No cables are required to connect your devices to each other.

You can download iTools licensed software for Windows from the ThinkSky Software Official site. They will give you two options for the licensing of Family license and the personal license. Both may cost you above 25 Dollars. They provide the same license for the Windows and the Mac versions of the Application.

You can also download some cracked versions of the above license keys. iTools license key has two parts as the key 1 and key 2. Both the keys are cracked by some developers on the Internet. Here is the link to one such publisher who will provide you with the crack for iTools for Windows PC:

iTools Download Windows

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