iTools download for windows the best alternative for iTunes

iTools is lightweight, small size application built for iOS devices. The application allows you to manage and manipulate the media files on your iOS devices. You can download the application on your Windows computer and connect it to the iOS device. Once the device is connected to the application, the app will sync all the data and present it on your Windows computer screen. From there you can manage, delete or modify the media files by using your mouse. The itools download for windows app has simple to use user interface. Anyone with basic operating knowledge can run the application. The itools download for windows app easily gets connected to the device. You do not need to run any special code or instruction on your computer to connect it. The application supports all major iOS devices. You can use your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices on the iTools.

Features of iTools:

App Management: The app management features in the itools download for windows gives you the ability to manage and re-arrange the existing app on your iOS device. You might have experienced the slow operating on the iPhone when it comes to moving the application from screen to screen. Dragging the app from the first screen to second screen or even third screen is very difficult. Chances of getting the application deleted are very high while operating it. By using the itools download for the windows application, you can simply connect the iOS device to your windows computer and start manipulating the application by using the mouse. You will see the mirror screen in the iTools application where you can move the app from one screen to another or even create a separate folder as the type of application. Grouping the application is very easy by using the itools download for windows application.

RingTone maker: The ringtone maker features useful for creating your own ringtone for your device. You can take the mp3 file and convert it into a ringtone. The ringtone maker tools are audio editing tool for editing the files and convert it into the useful ringtone. Now you can stand out in the crowd by using unique ringtone no one has heard before. Get a new ringtone every week.

Image too: The iTools image tool is another great feature to manage and edit the images. The image tool will allow you to separate your pictures according to the occasion. You can save your memories by naming them separately. Editing image from the iTools dashboard is simple.

File Manager: The file manager tool is useful for separating the files and storing in the separate folders. File manager gives you access to the folder where you can put your application files. Also, it is useful for managing and re-arranging the files by using the iTools app.

Real-Time screenshot: The application also has the screenshot capturing features to record and take the picture of the current screen. While using the app if you think certain information need to keep in the image format then you can use the real-time screenshot feature to capture the screen. The screenshot will be stored as the image file in the image folder.

iTools download for windows has many other features that you can use. Get the application today and start using it.

iTools Download For Windows

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