What is iTools 4 crack for Windows?

Do you know what iTools 4 crack for Windows is? This article will give you a proper understanding of what iTools 4 crack for Windows is.iTools 4 crack is the latest version of iTools that was developed by Thinksky to overcome various defects that were seen in iTunes. This is a store containing media related stuff. Most of the iTunes users found iTools tricky to use and they were not satisfied with iTunes. Therefore, iTools introduced by Thinksky can be considered as the best alternative for iTunes. iTools 4 crack runs on both Windows and Mac platforms. The version of iTools 4 crack that runs on Windows platform is known as iTools 4 crack for Windows.

iTools crack for Windows is a lightweight, 100% green freeware that can be downloaded free of charge. This is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. You might have faced lot of difficulties in transferring data from your iDevice to your PC, from PC to iDevice, and in sharing your data with other devices. iTools 4 crack for Windows is the best solution that helps you to overcome such problems. Now let us discuss what iTools 4 Windows can do.

What can iTools 4 crack for Windows do?

  • iTools 4 access the entire file system of your iDevice and helps you to manage all media types including images, audio, video, text documents, and etc. This helps you to transfer files between your iDevice and PC.
  • You can use this to manage all your applications. You can install, uninstall, delete, update, backup or restore applications as you prefer.
  • You can handle a large number of icons using Windows PC.
  • AirPlayer enables you to play mobile games on your Windows PC screen through a wireless connection.
  • It is also easy to migrate your files using iTools 4 Windows.
  • Contains an intuitive interface.
  • Image tool helps you to preview images on iDevices through Windows PC at original resolution.

How fascinating are these features?

How can you manage iTools 4 crack for Windows?

  • First, you must sync the iDevice with iTunes at least one time and make a wireless or USB connection to use iTools for Windows.
  • iTools key helps you to manage all the iDevices in a similar manner to iTunes. But, iTools have more advanced features than that of in iTunes.
  • Before starting the program, you must connect all your iDevices to your Windows PC and then you can manage all the contents in the iDevices in a manner that is halfway between the comfort of Glass Windows explorer and flexibility of iTunes.
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of iTools 4 crack for Windows?
  • Do not need to install.
  • Do not need to assemble.
  • Manage backups.
  • Contains huge range of features.
  • Should install iTunes.
  • Sometimes, does not sync with the calendar.
  • Sometimes, takes time to load.

Why do you worry about few disadvantages over many advantages and a wide range of attractive features? If you an iDevice user who is having a Windows PC, iTools 4 crack for Windows is the best software for you to manage your iDevice properly and easily at your fingertips. So, enjoy the privileges.

iTools 4 crack for Windows

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