Now the most waited iOS 11.3 was released and all the energetic Apple users hurried to download it. Actually update the iOS 11.3 is the best solution for now than stagnant with aged updates. Then you can download Cydia iOS 11.3 as the next step. So now, it is the time for iOS 11.3 update. So follow these steps for an easy update. Settings > General > Software Update. But if you have a compatible device, definitely the update notification will send by the Apple manufacturer. So accepting that message you can easily update the iOS 11.3.

Then now it is the time to download Cydia for iOS 11.3. Actually, first of all, we have to recognize the compatible devices for Cydia iOS 11.3. Actually if your device compatible with iOS 11 then your device supported with all the other bug fixed versions of iOS 11 and you can safely download Cydia iOS 11.3. Below, I categorized all the compatible devices for download Cydia iOS 11.3. watch them and identify whether your device compatible with this or not.

iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 5s

12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st generation)
12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)
9.7-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro
iPad (5th generation)
iPad Air 2, iPad Air
iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2

iPod touch
iPod touch (6th generation)

Download Cydia iOS 11.3

Download Cydia for iOS versions is easy. But before that, there are some important procedures you must follow. You know that Cydia is designed for Apple devices. But Apple does not support for download Cydia. What does it mean? Actually, Apple does not support for install third-party apps. You know that Cydia is a well known third party app collection. So Apple does not give access to install Cydia. Therefore we have only one thing for that process. That is Jailbreak.

So what is that? Actually, Jailbreak is the process of removing restrictions from the device iOS which was imposed by the manufacturer. In another way when we jailbreak the iOS, it means we gave the root access to the iDevice for external users. That’s why I told you jailbreak is the best and most available solution for download Cydia iOS 11.3.

But unfortunately, iOS 11.3 is not jailbroken yet. Then what should I do next?

Solutions for download Cydia iOS 11.3

As the best solution for download Cydia iOS 11.3, I point out CydiaMate for further reference. Actually, CydiaMate can identify as the only available and the best website for download Cydia for iOS versions. In fact, it normally contains jailbreak updates, Cydia and jailbreak news and the right guidance for download Cydia iOS 11.3 and lower versions. So with CydiaMate, you can download Cydia iOS 11.3to all the iDevices such as iPhones, iPod touch or iPad without any mess.

How to download Cydia iOS 11.3

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