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iTools were developed in 2010 by the think sky technology for the use of iOS device users. Since the development, many people have chosen the option to download iTools into their devices. iTools are for many iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Mainly all the available version of iOS devices is compatible to use iTools up to its latest version. First iPhone as you may remember didn’t have much very good performances. So obviously iTools will work better with iPhone 3G or later versions. iTools are compatible up to the latest version of iPhone, iPhone X. There are many improvements seen in iTools latest version. There are many advanced features which you can utilize for the management of your iOS device. You can download iTools through the official website of the developer, Think Sky technology. Further, you get extra benefits when you download iTools through the official link such as,

  1. The facility is there to upgrade the software throughout the lifetime for free. So every time the next revision of the iTools is available, you can upgrade the existing software.
  2. The free trial period is provided for a time of 30 days.
  3. Further, a money back guarantee of 30 days is given in case you are not satisfied with the product or if any bug is found.
  4. Free lifetime technical support is given by the support crew of ThinkSky technology for all kinds of technical issues.
  5. When you purchase the license from the download iTools, you get the same license for iTools for Mac and for iTools for Windows. Therefore, you can use the same license for all your devices.
  6. When you download the latest version of iTools you get the accessory application or simply the media player is known as iTools Air Player. This is also the licensed version. Therefore, you can easily upgrade that also to latest versions. This is a very unique application which has many important features than a traditional media player,
  • Screen sharing
  • Screen mirroring
  • Screen recording
  • Play all types of media files.
  • Remote controller feature etc.

You can download iTools latest version is iTools which is available as cracked versions too in many websites. This version was released in April 2018 and has many improved features and bug fixes.

Important features you get when you download iTools

  1. iTools has the most basic features of a device management application such as moving your media files across your personal computer and iOS devices.
  2. There are additional features that you can see in iTunes in iTools. One such feature is the customized ringtone maker of iTools.
  3. iTools Battery Master would allow you to manage your battery usage and maximize the battery efficiency.
  4. Further iTools would let you optimize your device by removing all the junk files and improving the performances.
  5. iTools Air Player is one cool feature you get along with iTools.
  6. Further, you get all the device management logs required in measuring the device performances such as Crash logs etc.

Download iTools Latest | 2018

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