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The Crack iTools 4 is the application developed by the Thinksky for the Apple users. The application allows users to manage their media files on the various Apple products. It is known as the alternative of the official iTunes. The iTools 4 is differentiated from the iTunes because of the additional features that it provides. The original iTunes application has limited features. You can’t do many things with the iTunes. The application works in the close environment with the limited features available. However, the Crack iTools 4 application has many advanced features that you can use for multiple purposes. It gives you extra benefit while using the application. The app itself developed in the lightweight program. The application requires very low memory power to run the application. It processes the data in the lightning fast speed. You get seamless experience while using the application.

Supported devices

The iTools 4 is developed to support various kinds of Apple devices. It now supports iPhone 1, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S mobile devices. You can simply download the Crack iTools 4 on your computer and device and start using it. The iPad users can also use the application to transfer the data from the computer to the iPad. The iPad version 1 and 2 are supported by the iTools 4.

Supported versions:

iTools 4 has been consistently upgraded to support all the latest version and previous old version of the iOS. The development company is keeping an eye on the latest release of the iOS version and upgrading the software to comply with the new version. The iOS versions from range to 1 to 5 are supported by the Crack iTools 4. You can easily sync the software and transfer the data without any trouble. You will not face compatibility issues with the specified versions of the iOS.

Changes log/updates of the tool or app:

The iTools app development team has upgraded the iTools to the latest version iTools 4. The latest version was released after fixing previously reported issues. The previous version was having the compatibility issues with the some old Apple devices. Now the issues have been resolved in the new version of the iTools.

Known issues:

Some users where reported they are unable to install the Crack iTools 4 application on the mac pc. The issues have been reported by the several users across the world. The application might have some compatibility issues with the new release of the Mac version.

Troubleshoot / How to solve the matter (FAQs):

Q 1) I sold my old laptop and now I want to install the Crack iTools 4 version on the new laptop. The application is not allowing me to access the paid version of the tool. It is not accepting the license key. The application is showing the error the license is invalid.

A: Your previous application is still active on the old computer. You might have removed the application, but the license that you purchased for the laptop is locked for the previous laptop. The license key verifies the computer IP to avoid multiple uses of the same license. The application will not allow you to install the one license on many computers. It should be installed on the one computer only. The only way to solve the problem is contacting the support team and asking them for the new replacement license key for the new laptop. They will create a new license for your computer and block the access to the old license. So get in touch with support team by visiting the official website of the iTools.

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