What do you mean by Android Data Recovery?

Android data recovery is the process of retrieving data which was previously there in your Android device, but no longer available. Data in your android device can be lost, deleted, corrupted or made unreachable from your Android device due to several reasons. They are,

Android data recovery

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Accidental formatting of hard drives
  • Malicious attacks
  • Natural disasters
  • Software crashes
  • Logical errors
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • External damages to hard drives
  • Power breakdown
  • Thefts

How does data recovery work?

The process of android data recovering varies depending on the cause of data loss. For instance, if you lose data, what is not working is the file allocation table. But normally files and information about files are stored in different places in android devices. Thus, even though the file allocation table is not working, data can still be available in undamaged conditions on the hard drive. Thus by following suitable android recovery techniques, such data can be recovered.

But if the data found on the hard drive is damaged, or it is encrypted, there are some other ways to recover such data. If the file is physically damaged, it can be still recovered using manufacture designed uniform headers. Thus, depending on the type of data loss, different techniques should be applied and the time that will be consumed to recover Android data too depends on the cause of their data loss.

Stages of android data recovery

When we consider the process of android data recovery, basically we can identify four main stages. Once again I would like to mention that even these stages alter depending on the type of data loss.

Stage 1

Repair the hard disk drive.

Repairing hard disk is very important as it will help the Android device user to read data from it. Especially the heads should be examined and also if the PCB is damaged it should be fixed or replaced. And the platters and heads should be moved to a new drive in case you find that the spindle motor is not functioning properly.

Stage 2

Image the drive to a new drive

If your android drive starts to fail, the first thing to do is to copy data into a new drive. The longer you use the damaged drive, the more tendencies to lose data. Thus the best solution is to create an image of the drive. This will make sure that there is another copy so that you can follow any android recovery techniques to the damaged drive without a second thought.

Stage 3

Logical recovery of files

Once you are done with the Android drive cloning, you can start recovering. If there is any need to repair the partition table or Master Boot Record it can be done as you have already created an image of the damaged android drive. Thus the data structure can be read and you can recover the stored data.

Stage 4

Repair the damages of the retrieved files

Several software methods can be used to repair these damages and also some can be reconstructed manually.

Android recovery software

Some of the android data recovery software that can be used to make your android data recovery process smoother is,

  1. Dr Fone Data Recovery
  2. Recoverit
  3. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery
  4. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android
  5. MyJad Android Data Recovery
  6. Piriform Recuva
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