The Apple TV is an excellent addition to any TV setup. With the use of Apple TV, you can play music, video, and movies from your iDevice via AirPlay or you can browse endless apps and games from the App Store dedicated to the Apple TV. But, Apple TV Jailbreak is completely a different ball game. You can incline to more apps, services, and systems installations with Apple TV Jailbreak which makes it more interesting than the default offers you get to the Apple TV.

Apple TV Jailbreak

If you’ve used an iPhone for a considerable time period, you must have heard about the iPhone jailbreaking. If you haven’t heard it yet, it is the process of getting access to the system files of the iDevice in order to take control over the operating system and core-features. The fact you should be aware of is, the jailbreak can be performed on any iOS device and any iOS device includes iPads, iPod touches and the Apple TV. And we get to the topic Apple TV Jailbreak, it is the way you can get more benefits from your Apple TV.

What is Apple TV Jailbreak?

Apple TV Jailbreak is the way you can manage unknown code by converting the Apple’s operating system to get super access to applications. What you can do with a jailbroken Apple TV is you can install non-Apple software on your Apple TV like XBMC. The software like these allows you to stream a variety of media from your network to your Apple TV and you’ll get various sites for internet streaming and interactive recording on the Apple TV. All these mean, you can finally use your Apple TV the way it was intended it to be with Apple TV Jailbreak.

Why Apple TV Jailbreak?

  • The Apple TV is basically a little Linux Unix computer which has a strong graphics processor, so it can perform a lot more with Apple TV Jailbreak than the abilities comes as default to your Apple TV.
  • Jailbreaking your Apple TV will decode and stream an extensive range of video formats without converting them.
  • You get the chance to have the best media software for HTPCs like XBMC.
  • You can have third-party applications on your Apple TV.
  • It’s cheap and easier to do whatever you want to do with the Apple TV.

What do I need for Apple TV Jailbreak?

  • A computer or laptop which has been installed the latest iTunes on it
  • The Apple TV version you need to jailbreak
  • A jailbreaking software
  • A micro USB cable
  • The remote comes to your Apple TV

Possibilities of Apple TV Jailbreak

There are four generations of Apple TV released by now and the first and second generations of Apple TVs can be easily jailbroken but, the third and the fourth generations are a bit hard to jailbreak. So if you want to perform Apple TV Jailbreak on a first-generation Apple TV, it is available at the moment and you can use the software Rowmote to jailbreak it. And second-generation ones can be jailbroken with the use of Seas0nPass software tool. Unfortunately, if you have a third-generation Apple TV you can’t perform Apple TV Jailbreak. However, with the release of LiberTV jailbreak version, you’ll be able to jailbreak a fourth-generation Apple TV.

Is it legal to Apple TV Jailbreak?

Yes! It is completely legal to perform Apple TV Jailbreak. There was a time that jailbreak was considered as an illegal action but, in the Summer of 2010, the Federal Government made jailbreak legal by passing out a guide.

Apple TV Jailbreak Guidance

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